Cea mai recenta incercare de revigoare a francizei Predator. Dupa comedia esuata de la „Predators” Disney incearca ceva nou, care de fapt este ceva vechi. Bun, rau, ciudat, altfel sau exact ce va doreati.

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Pana la urmatorul clip, nu pot decat sa va urez, Happy Throning!


10 Comentarii

  1. Prey sucked donkey balls!!! NOTA 7???!!! Jesus!!!
    Desigur, urmăriți noile filme, dar dezactivați logica! Hollywood a făcut asta cu ani în urmă, așa că ar trebui să te adaptezi.

    Personajul principal, o tânără indiană nu este credibilă. O alegere cu adevărat proastă. Gândiți-vă la Segourney Weaver în Alien (1979) sau Aliens (1986), pentru a înțelege ce este unul grozav!

    Câinele este cel mai bun actor din distribuție. Adorabil masterclass de actorie. În afară de asta, totul în acest film este o glumă proastă. Rușine!

    Si da, se-ntampla; mai multă politică, mai multă "trezire" (know what I'm saying!), mai multă mediocritate fiind salutată ca o capodopera de către critici.

    Prey = asta obții după ani și ani de recomandare si sărbătorire a mediocrității! Pentru mulți, prea mulți, mediocritatea poate părea a fi o capodopera. Trăiască idiocrația!

  2. Hai cu algoritmul

  3. Un film bun doar ca prea scurt

  4. I-aș da un 5.8:))

  5. Still waiting for the dansul dragonilor 3 ?

  6. Am citit pe un camal strain un comentariu foarte bun cu privire la cat de woke e porcaria asta de film. E in engleza, dar google it.
    So, you say people like to complain? No sir, the movie it`s woke garbage and Naru it`s a perfect Mary Sue.

    She is shown to struggle hunting, barely being able to hunt rabbits, missing a deer and almost dying hunting a bear. But the next day she successfully fights a Predator?

    She is shown not to be that smart attacking a bear just with a bow, without a backup plan because every hunter knows a bear can’t be killed with an arrow unless you`re extremely lucky, but the next day she becomes so smart she is able to figure out how alien technology works?

    She is a tiny woman and yet she holds her own against a bunch of much bigger men who trained all their lives to be warriors and she barely did some basic training when she could, for a few minutes because her duties were totally others? Yeah, right.

    Applying the same behaviour and character arc to Rocky its like after he was defeated by Drago, the very next day he was again in the ring and now he destroys Drago. It is not believable. Rocky was shown to be training for months and months in tough conditions and then he fought Drago. But Naru becomes overnight expert in everything.

    Even if she is tiny, she is shown to have impossible physical strength. IMPOSIBBLE. I dare you, all of you praising the movie, go out and try the axe rope thing. I bet you won’t be able to budge the axe from the tree by pulling it from a 15-foot-long rope, let alone make it fly perfectly in your hand. . That`s impossible to do it, no man or woman can do it because there is a basic physics law of dissipating energy at work. I can suspend my disbelief about made up creatures, but not about real things that I know they are not possible. It˙s called using a brain.

    Also, she, a tiny teenager, pushes and pulls a Predator which is maybe 3-4 times heavier than her, so she fights him not with brains, also with strength, which is laughable.

    There is no problem of having a strong female character, but Naru is just a Mary Sue, has no complex arc and no development to make her believable, she is just a teenager good at everything just because. Is she was a 35-40 years old woman, like any other believable character, with years and years of experience, then yeah, that would have been great.

    Tell me, how many male action stars like her are teenagers? Was Rocky a teenager? Was Rambo a teenager? Is John Wick a teenager? Was John McClane a teenager? No male action stars, believable ones, were grown up with experience, they don’t become good at fighting literally overnight.

    Also, there are a lot of bad ass BELIEVABLE female strong women. But was Ripley a teenager? Was Sarah Connor a teenager? Was Black Widow a teenager? Was The Bride from Kill Bill a teenager? No, they were all grown women with a background of experience in their fields, making them believable.

    So, stop defending this piece of woke trash.

    A WOMAN COULD HAVE BEATEN A PREDATOR, an experienced one, like Dutch, but not Naru, a teenager poorly written, given the most unbelievable plot armour.

    And by the way, this movie is a disgrace to Predator lore. They are shown as being noble warriors, hunting prey they deemed worthy and yet, here Predator hunts snakes and wolves? Have you seen the trophy room in Predator 2? Those skulls were of some terrifying creatures, the smallest being of a man. No snakes, no wolves. Either this is the dumbest predator ever, just a stupid toddler training to hunt, because otherwise a predator with so many weapons (laser guided arrows, slicing shield, dismembering minidrones and cutting net) wouldn’t be killed by a bunch of primitive Indians with sticks and stones, either the script is unbelievable bad.

    So yeah, these are unbeatable arguments why Naru is just a Mary Sue.

    And what`s even worse, the script gave Indians from 300 years ago a today`s mentality and smarts.

    If such thing happened 3 centuries ago, those people would have named the Predator a god, build him a temple and made sacrifices in his name because to them he is a god, an invisible one with all kinds of magic weapons. And yet, they look at him like the action takes place in our times when we know about the possibility of alien existence and high-tech weapons.

  7. Văzut de doua ori,este simplist dar foarte bun, norocul lui este că predator se mișcă bine,ucide,bubuie tot și locațiile de mediu,natura,câmpie,munți,păduri. Este ok.

  8. E doar o chestiune de timp pana vom vedea predator vs kong sau godzilla

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